In order to treat diseases and to restore and maintain good health this traditional Chinese technique strengthens the blood and stimulates the smooth flow of Chi by expelling cold and warming the meridians.

The heat is typically obtained by burning dried plant materials (mugwort leaves are most commonly used) called Moxa on or very close the surface of the skin. As the herb solders a pleasant therapeutic heat permeates the skin. Patients often find they experience a flooding of warmth that radiates along a pathway in the body corresponding with the channel being treated.

The moxibustion treatment is applied by one of two technique types, direct or indirect moxibustion.

During the indirect treatmeant a practitioner holds the lit end of a prerolled moxa stick close to the area of skin being treated for several minutes. The direct method involves placing hand shaped moxa cones directly onto the skin. These are then lit and aloud to remain on the skin until heat is felt.